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Custom Design

Working with Midwest Metal Fabrication & Custom Rolling, Inc. means you can rest easy, knowing that all of the details are covered, your project will be made with the utmost focus on quality, and it will be delivered on time. We specialize in ASME API 620 and API 650 code tanks and we're happy to provide seamless engineering services to make the whole process as smooth and efficient as possible.

  • ASME
  • API 650
  • 620 Code / UL 142 (No Stamp)

Our design and manufacturing approach means our professional staff can select from a number of component and design alternatives as well as codes such as ASME API 650 / 620 to give you the right equipment and vessels for your job and the most cost-effective choice for your application.

We actively manage your project from conception through completion to ensure that the tank meets - or exceeds - your standards and is delivered on schedule. We work hard to keep you informed every step of the way.

Our staff uses the latest in software technology to evaluate and calculate vessels and complete systems accurately and efficiently and can be coded for applications such as API 650 and API 620.

AutoCAD based Drawings can be sent via e-mail or next day service.

Design Codes - API 650, API 620, ASME, UL 142 (No Stamp), and more.

ASME DESIGNED, STAMPED & REGISTERED Used when design pressure is greater than 15 psig. The vessel is stamped with the U-symbol and is assigned a National Board Number. Our engineers will run code calculations on all ASME vessels before the quoting stage to insure all ASME requirements are met.

Midwest Metal Steel Fabricators has the following code stamps:
  • U Stamp for volumes over 5 cubic feet.
  • R Stamp for repairs and alterations on ASME vessel and heat transfer jackets.
  • ASME DESIGNED, NO STAMP Although designed to ASME Code and inspected by a qualified inspector, the vessels is not stamped with the U-Symbol nor is it assigned a National Board Number. Again our engineers will run the code calculations to insure all ASME requirements are met.
  • ASME CONSTRUCTED (MATERIAL & WELDING ONLY) Vessel is designed in accordance with engineering standards, and ASME certified welders are used in fabrication.
  • API 650 APPENDIX S This standard is for the design, manufacturing and testing of stainless vessels with top head, bottom head and shell specifications of 3/16 minimum plate. API 650 is often specified for large storage tanks operating at atmospheric pressure.
  • API 620 and UL 142 (No Stamp)

Midwest Metal has the experienced staff, fabrication, and erection capabilities to handle any maintenance requirements, which may be necessary to bring tanks into acceptable compliance.

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